To ensure your very own safety and that of the group, and to make the climb an exciting and gratifying one, it’s miles recommended to endure in mind the following:

  • overnight in creater rim 2641 m or on the lake 2000 m previous to trekking permits you to acclimatize to altitude modifications and reduce AMS while climbing in mount rinjani
  • engaging a rinjani trekking guide is obligatory for your self or your institution (ratio of max 6 climbers for 1 rinjani trekking guide)
  • wear relaxed hiking or jogging shoes with an excellent grip.
  • reduce your toe nails to prevent knocking into your shoes.
  • have sufficient warm garb for the summit climb.
  • you need to sense comfy and be capable of circulate freely in what you put on ( denims no longer advocated).
  • Try to pack Your hiking bag at around 5-8kg (do not carry too many unnecessary things).
  • do not longer have a heavy breakfast prior to the climb.
  • try to complete your packed lunch inside 1-2 hours from the start of the ascent (to lessen weight).
  • for any unique meal diet which includes vegetarians, please tell our guide for association.
  • a few chocolate & electricity bars can be satisfying.
  • trek at a ordinary tempo (too speedy may also result excessive altitude sickness & vomiting, too slow will drain out your electricity ).
  • ought to you sense too worn-out to carry on, try not to take a seat or lay down on excessive altitude, simply stand still.
  • untreated sparkling mountain water is available at creater rim,and near of the lake you can replenish if you run out of water.
  • be more cautious along with your steps at some point of the wet spell.
  • do not run at any time whilst ascending or descending the mountain.
  • do not longer run at the summit specifically round slender and slippery roads(maximum risky point).
  • cowl your nostril (and mouth) with a headscarf in windy situation on high floor.
  • make greater positive your feet and fingers are warm and dry for the duration of the very last ascent.
  • while descending, attempt to walk sideway or in a zig-zag manner to prevent slipping and reduce ache on joints.
  • do not bring treasured objects.
  • there will no fitness assessments performed via any government throughout trekking registration, so hiking at your personal chance.



What you need to do?

  • Smile and outstanding humans, specifically elders.
    Shake fingers, lightly.
  • Make certain to take a seat on the equal stage as different people.
  • Be well mannered to each different.
  • Use only the right hand to devour and hand gadgets or money to someone.
  • Accept hospitality and food, you don’t need to devour and drink.
  • Get dressed modestly.
  • Ladies should keep upper arm and matters included.
  • Bend down and walk round seated human beings whilst you need to skip.
  • Say desirable bye and than you whilst you leave.


What you need to don’t do?

  • Enter houses, homes or village without being invited.
  • Put on shoes interior a residence.
  • Factor at people with your finger. Don’t ever use your foot to human beings.
  • Factor the bottom of your ft immediately at human beings even as sitting on the ground.
  • Touch absolutely everyone’s head.
  • Step over human beings or meals on the ground.
  • Devour along with your left hand, or use your left hand to give or receive object or cash.
  • Enhance your voice, especially in anger.


Immportant guidelines for climber during Trekking in mount rinjani

  • Stroll collectively in your personal institution and stay with the trekking guide always.
  • Comply with the commands of your trekking guide.
  • Alert your hiking guide in case you face any problem.
  • Trust it or no longer, do not shout, scream or curse the mountain at any factor of time.
  • If for any cause, you are separated from your institution or the hiking manual, please live on the pos and than looking ahead to your institution.
  • The weather on the summit vicinity can deteriorate in a rely of minutes, Thick mist may lessen visibility to handiest three meters, and rainstorms and wind of as much as 40 km/hr, May occur at instances,please stop for some time and than continoue, a good way to lead you to safety.
  • If you are separated out of your Trekking Guide and lose out of your manner, prevent straight away, stay where you are and blow your whistle to attract interest, Please do no longer attempt to locate your manner out.
  • Do no longer bring or drink alcohol whilst at the mountain rinjani. (please talk over with your agent in case you need to deliver)due to the fact drunk even as doing the climb could be very risky.
  • If you want to take a photograph, make sure you are standing in a safe place,Do not you’re taking a image even as on foot.
    Usually targeted in every footstep.
  • Do not step even as looking upwards, sideways or backward.


While climbing to the suumit, please make sure to carry with you the followings:

  • Wear enough warm clothing Temperature can be freezing at times.
  • A head torchlight To light your way during pre-dawn climb and to signal for help when needed.
  • A rain coat To protect you from rain and wind, and it will slow down the loss of body heat.
  • A whistle Only to be used when help is needed. Three short blasts to attract attraction, long continuous blasts for emergency and serious injuries.
  • Some energy food and water.
  • (e.g. extra chocolate, glucose tablets, biscuits) For emergency-use when you are waiting for help to arrive


Health arrangements before start trekking mount rinjani

Special notice from rinjani national park government,
It’s far recommended that each one climbers need to have themselves medically checked earlier than attempting any mountain trekking.

Do not hiking if you are affected by or have a history of the subsequent illnesses:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Palpitation
  • Arthritis
  • Heart disorder
  • Severe anemiav
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Epileptic fits
  • Weight prob
  • lems (overweight)
  • Persistent asthma.
  • Muscular cramps.
  • Hepatitis (jaundice).
  • Any other illness or disorder that can be brought about by using excessive cold, exertion, and high altitude.

Trekking in mount rinjani is mostly a “once in a life-time” revel in for the majority, so it is important that right arrangements are made beforehand. With advanced information and enough time to put together, you stand an exquisite danger of attaining the summit.

Health requirements to trekking mount rinjani

  • Although most people of routes leading to the summit of rinjani require no technical mountain climbing abilities, a few form of training beforehand is vital.
  • It is critical to remember that you will be hiking on surfaces with various angles which might also positioned plenty of strain in your ankles and knees.
  • It’s also worth remembering that maximum of the injuries which arise on mount rinjani take place at the way down.
  • Whilst mountain climbing mount rinjani, take a gradual tempo to allow your body to acclimatize to the altitude, as at 3000 meters, you most effective have 70% of the oxygen you will usually have at sea-level.

To climb Mount Rinjani you should be:

  • You should to be in decent physical circumstance.
  • You should no longer have heart or lung troubles.
  • You should whole some knees and ankles.
  • Take it slow and recognise your physical obstacles.

Seek advice from your non-public physician if:

  • You are taking any kind of remedy.
  • Take some time and understand your bodily barriers.
  • In case you plan to take any medicinal drug throughout your climb, you should consult your physician previous to departure.
  • The results of medicines may additionally range with altitude and strain.
  • All climbers must consult their doctor or a specialized travel sanatorium well in advance in their trip.


I wish this article will helpull for everybody who have a plan trekking to mount rinjani.

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Good luck and have a nice trek.