The Best way To enjoy a superb View Of  Rinjani Mountain

Trek Details

Hiking Rinjani Crater Rim in 2 Days 1 Night is special and recommended Trip Package for Beginner,Families climbers who just want to enjoy a  beautiful scenery of Mount Rinjani from the edge of the western Rinjani crater without going to the Summit.Because the place to see the most Spectaculare View in Mount Rinjani after the peak is from Rinjani crater senaru 2641 Meter above sea level.
Hiking Package To crater rim senaru in 2 Days can be done by anyone, whether for beginner climber, children over the age10 years, family or groups.

What to Expect?

Crater Rim Senaru 2641 m is the second amazing place after summit 3726 m To Get a wonderful Secenary of mount Rinjani. Why? Because only here you will be able to get a close look at all all of rinjani mountains Area, such aWide Segars anak lake and the edge of crater that surrounds it, new volcano mountain, the peak of Rinjani. and also you will be presented with an incredible sunset view on the clouds.

What You Get on The Trek?

  • a pleasant trip inside the Rinjani wilderness area.
  • up close views of the lake and all rinjani area.
  • Enjoy an incredible sunset above the cloud.
  • Overnight under the star.


Arrival Day :( Pick up Senaru Village)

For your convenience and security, we will pick you up on your arrival days in all areas in lombok island such as airport, harbours and other place in mataram, senggigi, kuta and others.
And then we will take you to our office in senaru village to make the registration, payment and preparation what is needed during the climb tomorrow.And then we will drive you to your hotel room which we have provided for overnight and rest.

(You can visit and enjoy the view of a popular and amazing waterfall in senaru village that “sindang gile waterfall” and “tiu kelep Waterfall” if you arrive in Senaru village at noon.)

Day 1 : (Hotel – Start Point 601 m – Crater Rim Senaru 2641 m)

Wake up at 6.30 am, breakfast at 7 am, and then packing. Our mountain car already will bring you to  start point Senaru. (Only 5 minute drive from your hotel)
first 50 minute we walking in the open views and green plant of coffee, chocolate, bamboos and many other of the plant belong to the local people in senaru can be seen. Then we reach on “the gate of the jungle” or named “JEBAG GAWAH” then we take short break about 10-15 minute.
For first day we will walk about 8-9 hours (include break and lunch) in the jungle, where we will shadowing by the sun, walk in the humid temperatures and we will pass any pos/shelter (where the place for break and make a lunch).

POS 1 (915 m)

Walking time about 40-50 minute from jebag gawah
You can rest here or continue to pos extra.

POS EXTRA (1165 m)

Walking time about 1 hour from Pos 1,Take a rest here about 10-15 minutes for get some water, biscuit, and fruit from your guide. And than continue to pos 2.

POS 2 (1500 m)

Walking time about 1 hours from pos extra.
We stop here for make a lunch about 1-2 hours. Porter and guide cooking,before your lunch ready, your guide and porter served hot tea, coffee or hot milk and some soft drink in the same time you can see the forest view. After finish lunch,we continue to Pos 3.

POS 3 (2000 m)

Walking time about 2 hours from Pos 2,Take a break here about 10-15 minutes for drink some water and we already out from the jungle and then we walk in the savana hills with open view. The trail quite steeps but beautiful scenery until Senaru crater rim.

POS 4 (2481 m)

Walking time about 1,5 hours from Pos 3.
Rest here about 10-15 minute for drink some water and some biscuit from your guide and enjoing the view of savana hill, and then continue to the Senaru creater rim.

Crater Rim Senaru (2641 m)

Walking time about 25 minute from Pos 4 Cemara Lima.
Reach here than you will find a great moment of your life from senaru crater rim view of :
spectacular sunset over 3 Gilis and Agung Mountain Bali.

smoke that trought out hole from the new volcano in the middle of the lake.
peak of Rinjani Mountain 3726 m.

best sleep under the stars.Your guide and porter set up a tent and prepare for dinner. After sunset then have a dinner than sleep.
Good night and have a nice dream…

Day 2 : (Senaru Crater Rim 2641 m – Senaru Village 601 m – Drop off.)

Wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning for enjoing the sunrise over peak of rinjani mountain and than your guide and porter served a breakfast, hot tea, coffee or hot milk.
After breakfast and than packing and than we return back down to senaru village,Walking time about 5-6 hours (include break and lunch on the way).
reach in Senaru village, our private car already waiting for you for drop off to your next destination as gilis, Senggigi, Mataram, Kuta Lombok or airport.

Trek Summary

Day 1 : senaru village 601 m – crater rim senaru 2641 m.

  • 06.00 : Wake up
  • 06.30 : breakfast
  • 07.00 : start trek.
  • 11.00 : lunch at Pos 2 senaru.
  • 16.00 : arrive in crater rim senaru.
Day 2 : crater rim senaru 2641 m – senaru village 601 m – Drop off.
  • 06.00 : wake up than enjoing the view of sunrise with a cup of coffe or tea.
  • 07.00 : breakfast
  • 08.00 : start to going back down to senaru village.
  • 12.00 : lunch at pos 1 senaru.
  • 14.00 : arrive at senaru village and than drop off to your next destinations.

Trek Package Included

1 : Private Car Transport (pick up on arrival day
& drop off after finish trek).
3 : Room a night before Hiking.
4 : English Speaking Local Expert guide.
5 : Local Expert porters for bring all food and equipment.
6 : Food and water during in Rinjani Mountain.(Lunch,Dinner,breakfast,fruits,soft drink & some biscuits).
7 : Tekking equipment.(Tent,Foam Mattras,Sleeping bed,pillow,toilet tent.
8 . Ticket entry Rp.150.000/day/person.
9 . accident insurance during in Mount Rinjani Area.

Bonus : Guide To Visit two famouse Waterfall in senaru village (If arrival day at noon)

Trek Package Not Included

1 : Extra porters to carry your personal items/luggage.
2 : Personal items such as laundry, souvenirs, any extras
Pre & post tour accommodation, optional excursions, alcoholic beverages, etc.
3 : Travel insurance.
4 : Tip for guide and porter.