Budget To Climb Rinjani

How much is a Quote?or how much is a package price to climb rinjani?is a question that is 100% sure to be asked for all those who want to climb to mount rinjani.therefore I want to explain some things before giving the price of climbing package to mount Rinjani.

Rinjani trekking package price is varied, divided into 3 parts namely are:

the number of days of trekking will affect with a trekking package price, because the cost for all guides, porters and other is counted per day. therefore the more the number of days of trekking would be more expensive price for Treking package .also the reverse, the less the number of days trekking will be cheaper the price of trekking package price.


Type of Trekking package to mount Rinjani in the division for 2 parts namely private package and join/sharing package.

1.private trekking package
private trekking package is a special trekking package for you and your friends in a group and no one else joined in your group during the climb.

2.sharing group Trekking package.
sharing group trekking package is very popular for backpackers, solo traveler and one who has a little budget. because the price of group sharing package is a bit cheaper, the price for sharing group sharing packages ranges from $ 180 to $ 210 depending on the place pick up and the number of days climbing.

sharing group trekking package mean you will join to climb with other people from other countries and from other agents for do climbing together in rinjani mountain, the number of participants is usually minimum 6 people and maximum 12 people.
sharing group trekking package is special and recommended for experienced climbers only and must have a healthy level of fitness, because in a group you have to be together every day like walking, eating and sleeping. If walking too slowly then you will be left by your friends, while the guide will always is ahead to guide the others. For those of you beginners, you will be free to walk without being waited on by your friends for being slow or waiting for your other friends because you are walking too fast.


the number of participants in a group will affect to rinjani trekking package price.more participants in 1 group will be cheaper.


PACKAGE NAME 2 PAX 3-5 PAX 6 – 8 PAX UP TO 10 PAX (free 1)
4D/3N Trek Complete (summit,Lake&Hot springs) USD 305/pax USD 285/pax USD 265/pax USD 245/pax
3D/2N Trek Complete (summit,Lake&Hot springs) USD 265/pax USD 245/pax USD 225/pax USD 205/pax
3D/2N Lake&Hot Springs USD 255 USD 235/pax USD 215/pax USD 195/pax
2D/1N Summit USD 225/pax USD 205/pax USD 185/pax USD 165/pax
2D/1N Crater Rim Senaru USD 205/pax USD 185/pax USD 165/pax USD 145/pax
1 DAy Trek Crater Rim Senaru USD 150 USD 130/pax USD 110/pax USD 90/pax


1 : Private Transport with AC.
-pick up on arrival day and drop off after finish trek in all area in lombok island.
– Transport from senaru to sembalun or sembalun to senaru.
-boat if you go to gili after finish trek.

2 : Hotel a night in senaru village on your arrival Day

3 . Local speak english guide.

4 . Local porter for bring all food and equipment.

5 . Food and water during in Rinjani Mountain.

  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • breakfast
  • Water 3 Liter/Day
  • fruits.
  • soft drink.
  • biscuits.

6 . Good Quality of Tekking equipment.

  1. Tent.
  2. Foam Mattras.
  3. Sleeping bag.
  4. pillow.
  5. camping chair
  6. camping Table
  7. toilet tent.
  8. cooking gears.

7 . Ticket entry To Rinjani National Park.

8 . Accident insurance during in rinjani mountain.

9 . Rinjani Trekking Certificate.

10 . Rubbish Donation for bring down the trash from rinjani mountain 5 Dollars/person.

11. Visit two famouse Waterfall on your arrival day if you arrive in senaru village at noon.


  • Extra porters to carry your personal items/luggage
  • Tips on included excursions, personal items: laundry, souvenirs, any extras
  • Pre & post tour accommodation, optional excursions, alcoholic beverages, etc.
  • Travel insurance
  • Tip for guide and porter

starting from 1st of August 2018, Ticket entry to Rinjani National Park will be raised. Initially it is 300 / trip to be 150 / Day.

therefore we will pay 50% of the ticket price and 50% will be paid by visitors. 

here is the price of ticket entry for each Trekking Package To Mount Rinjani:

-4 Days Trek= Rp.150.000×4 Days= Rp.600.000/person
-3 Days Trek =Rp.150.000×3 Days=Rp.450.000/person
-2Days Trek =Rp.150.000×2 Days =Rp.300.000/person

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