Climbers have to discover the options to staying in Rinjani Mountain for 2 Night or 3 night or more with a planned trek that takes in Crater rim, down to the lake shore, absolutely the summit and extra. Climbers usually begin from Senaru Village  or Begin from sembalun Village however within the ultimate couple of years some other routes have opened inclusive of Route benang stokel, Route timba nuh and Route torean.But From Long time ago until now, The most popular route is Trekkin Rinjani via sembalun and Trekking via senaru because these 2 route become the path between the peaks of Rinjani,hot Spring water and Crater rim

Trek Rinjani Start From Sembalun.

Beginning inside the morning from the rinjani trek centre in the village, the climb to plawangan ii at 2,638 m will take approximately eight hr via posi (1,three hundred m), posii (1,500 m) and posiii (1,800 m). Beginning altitude is 1100 m, so there are no humid situations to address. First 1/2 or extra of the trek is actually a breeze.
The trek through savannah grassland is windy and easygoing, with mild united states of americaand downs, and the only impediment to appearance out for are the “cow pats” deposited by the villagers’ cows along the manner.
Rolling hills and high-quality surroundings help to ease the tiredness, unlike the enclosed tropical rainforest of senaru path. From pos 2 to pos 3, the climb remains potential.
The assignment for sembalun course is from pos three to pos more, as the uphill gradient may be 50 ranges at instances. Young children will locate this segment hard as some steps are set pretty some distance aside.
Cooler climate up here may additionally provide the impression that the body does now not need fluids, but do drink more to prevent altitude illness putting in. Strangely, there is a guy promoting cold liquids (pocari sweat, coke and many others) right here at the campsite at exorbitant prices (40000 rp in step with drink) for folks who crave it.
Overnight on the campsite right here and go for the summit beginning at 3am day after today. You need to be well rested as that is a stiff assignment – the final climb is almost 1,a hundred m on tough floor.

Trek Rinjani Start From Senaru.

You begin at an elevation of 601 m in senaru village, generally within the late morning or early afternoon and make the 6 hour ascent to the crater rim before dark. First part of the trek is thru tropical rainforest.

Look and concentrate out for the lutung, or black monkey, swinging thru the timber in the overdue morning.
They’re extremely shy, not like for the common macaques which may additionally gather near relaxation stops watching for scraps. The direction passes through posii at 1,500 m, breaches the treeline at 2,000 m (posiii) after which it is a chunk of slog up gravel paths to the camp site simply below the crater rim at 2,six hundred m.
There’s no clean direction at the last section nearing crater rim, at an incline of 45 levels. There is a pos extra after pos 3, but it’s miles pretty lots gone, and the remaining bits were chopped up through porters as firewood.

If that has no longer sapped all of your power you could then make a very precarious descent all the way down to shorelines of the crater lake and tub within the warm waters. You need some confidence to try this as it’s far a steep descent of six hundred+ m the use of handrails and ropes.
After which it’s miles back to senaru the manner you got here. Nearby courses declare happening is faster, but speed varies for people.
Patience is critical for first timers, as it may get frustrating looking porters sail beyond you with their load balanced on one shoulder, clad in slippers or maybe taking walks barefoot.
Descent from pos greater to pos three can be slippery while climate is dry, as scree has a tendency to present way beneath your toes.
From pos three to pos 2, the descent can take 1.5 to 2 hours, as savannah grasslands fades away, and the humidity and heat from the tropical rainforest starts to set in.

important tip: request for publications to reduce out a timber hiking pole if you did now not convey a hiking pole with you. It will be extraordinarily handy all through the descent, especially when legs are aching from the strenuous climb.

There’s an option to cross directly to plawangan ii wherein you overnight again earlier than making the ascent to absolutely the summit.
This isn’t mainly advocated from the senaru side though.
If you want to get to the pinnacle, the climb to plawangan ii is great crafted from sambulan lawang.

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